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Zhengzhou Jansincere Refractory Co., Ltd

Zhengzhou Jansincere Refractory Co., Ltd was founded in 1986. With continuous effort, now Jansincere has three branches. We are focused on providing professional refractory design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services for carbon industry, non-ferrous metallurgy industry, construction industry, environment and energy solutions, and iron steel industry.

Zhengzhou Jansincere Refractory Co., Ltd

Jansincere Refractory Group covers of 135,000 Square Meters with 3 billion RMB fixed assets. There are 553 employees, including 23 managers, 42 technicians, and 8 qualified installation engineers.

Jansincere Refractory Group consists of one headquarters and three subsidiaries. The headquarters is called Zhengzhou Jansincere Refractory Set Company, three subsidiaries are: Zhengzhou Jansincere Refractory Installation Co., Ltd, Shanghai Jansincere Refractory Co., Ltd, and Zhengzhou Jansincere Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Jansincere Refractory Co., Ltd

The main business scope and products are:

NO. 1 factory of Headquarters: Manufacturing alumina and magnesia based shaped refractory, products include: magnesia-alumina brick, direct bonded magnesia-chrome brick, special phosphate compound brick etc.
NO. 2 factory of Headquarters: Manufacturing corundum material, silica mullite brick, other high-grade refractory and ceramist sand.
NO. 3 factory of Headquarters: Manufacturing monolithics and raw material.
Jansincere Refractory Installation Co., Ltd has 3 sets of imported aircraft bricklayers, and 3 sets of brick-making machines. We have provided refractory materials and installation service to hundreds of dry process cement rotary kiln system and other industry kilns.

Company Details

Main Market

Eastern Asia

Southeast Asia

Middle East


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Brands : Jansincere

No. of Employees : 400~500

Annual Sales : 15000000-20000000

Year Established : 1986

Export p.c : 40% - 50%

Manufacturing Experience: over 20 years

Company History

In 1986, Xinmi Refractory Set Company was founded. The first down-draft kiln was built to manufacture clay products.


In 1989, Xinmi Refractory Set Company build other three down-draft kilns, added two small press machines, and enlarged the production scale


In 1994, Xinmi Refractory Set Company renamed Xinmi Jianxin Refractory Set Company. The No 1 factory was built to mainly produce refractory products for cement industry


In 1999, Xinmi Jianxin Refractory Set Company officially renamed Zhengzhou Jianxin Refractory Set Company Limited


In 2001, Jianxin was awarded the certificate of ISO9001


In 2002, No 2 factory was built to mainly produce the silicon mullite brick and high alumina products


In 2003, Jianxin invested 55 million yuan to found Shanghai Subsidiary which mainly manufactures the monolithic products


In 2004, Jianxin demolished six down-draft kilns and build one tunnel kiln which the length is 87 meters


In 2006, Jianxin upgraded the tunnel kilns of No1 and No2 factory to energy-saving tunnel kilns


In 2008, “Jianxin” silicon mullite brick and other two products were awarded the title of”Henan High Quality Product”


In 2009, No3 factory was founded, a 33-meter-long rotary kiln was built with the diameter of 3.3 meters, mainly manufactured the clinker for No1 and No 2 factory


In 2010, the whole factories were upgraded. The gas was changed to natural gas and other clean energy.


In 2012, Jianxin was awarded the title of “Henan Famous Trademark”


In 2013, Jianxin participated in the drafting of national standards and masonry using specifications of refractory materials for cement rotary kiln with Refratechnik Asia Limited


In 2013, No 5 factory was founded, the High temperature environmental protection energy-saving tunnel kiln production line and 3*48 meters petroleum proppant production line were built


In 2014, Jianxin was awarded the Registration Certificate of Customs Declaration Entity


IN 2016, Jianxin was awarded the certificate of ISO14001 and ohsas18001


In 2016, Jianxin was awarded the Qualification Certificate of Construction Enterprises, Level 3 Certificate in metallurgical engineering construction general contracting


In 2017, Jansincere finished an installation project in Malaysia sucessfully.


In 2018, Jansincere attend to Asia IEexpo in Shanghai.

Company Service

No.1 Professional on manufacturing shaped refractory materials and monolithic refractories for non-ferrous metallurgy, cement industry, environment and energy solutions.Zhengzhou Jansincere Refractory Co., Ltd

No.2 Technical consultation: supply refractory materials according to furnace’s actual working condition and client’s requirements. Do our best to creating value for customers.Zhengzhou Jansincere Refractory Co., Ltd

No.3 Refractory materials installation: pre-assemble the complex and important parts of kiln according to the installation standards and technical index, we make records during installation that can help to ensure the kiln service life.

Zhengzhou Jansincere Refractory Co., Ltd

No.4 Refractory materials maintenance service: proposal solutions for kiln maintenance according to the actual condition of kiln.

Zhengzhou Jansincere Refractory Co., Ltd

Company Team

Experienced and Professional Team

We will take part in exhibitions 2-3 times every year both at home and on abroad.

Zhengzhou Jansincere Refractory Co., Ltd

Zhengzhou Jansincere Refractory Co., Ltd

Zhengzhou Jansincere Refractory Co., Ltd
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